Mabgate Sela Tapes // Xhosa Cole

Once a month we invite some of our favourite jazz musicians to come to Sela Bar and record an album straight to tape in front of a live audience. This month we were thrilled to invite Xhosa Cole (BBC Young Jazz Musician 2018) to the stage!

Give the album a listen here.

Xhosa Cole: Saxaphone 
Jack Garside: Double Bass 
Luke D'Aulerio: Drums 

Recorded by Hamish Dixon & Ed Allen 
Conceptualised by Fergus Quill 
Love and happiness provided by Nico Widdowson 

Special thanks to Sela Bar Leeds 
released March 20, 2019

Talking with Tight Lines

We caught up with Will from Tight Lines to talk about Salemango, compilation records and the Leeds scene…

So, what is Tight lines?

It’s fucking loads of things actually, it’s like a bit of an events company, it’s a bit like a multi media channel, it’s bit of a record label, we do a bit of stuff on the radio, it’s just loads of different things really. But the goal is record label, the goal is to record and release records, everything else is kind of  bit of an off-shoot that helps us drive that… but that’s in essence what TL is. When we started it back in 2016 or whenever it was it was literally just a laugh, it was just us lot getting fucked all the time, going to gigs, playing gigs and writing music, we didn’t expect it to actually blossom into something reasonably serious.

Read the full interview here…

Will and Fergus from Tight Lines at Hyde Park Book Club

Will and Fergus from Tight Lines at Hyde Park Book Club

Mamilah's best of Leeds playlist

We love the Leeds music scene and are very aware that it is alive and breathing! To help those less fortunate who may not possess this wonderful knowledge, we compiled a quick playlist of some of our favourite music in Leeds right now. It definitely doesn't cover all the music happening here- some of our favourite bands haven’t even recorded anything yet, but have a listen, support emerging musicians and start to get to know the scene a little deeper.

Featuring music from Mamilah, Joshua Zero, Long Legged Creatures and so many more.